We provide bespoke applied research to help policy and decision-makers evaluate what works, why, where the threads of attitude and behavior interlink. We make the research work for you.

We offer the following range of services:

  • Qualitative research; interviews, focus groups, case studies, site visit observation
  • Quantitative research; primary and secondary data analysis, economic analysis and modelling
  • Stake holder research
  • Benchmarking and comparative research
  • Feasibility studies and needs assessments
  • Management of international research networks
  • Communities and stakeholder consultation
  • Identifying effective practice/know-how
  • Reporting, disseminating and sharing learning

Products range from traditional research reports, through to toolkits or handbooks, interactive materials, websites and newsletters.

Methodological expertise:

  • analysis of primary and secondary data
  • interviews with experts
  • standardised and semi-standardised interviews
  • qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • network analyses
  • modeling
  • Research design including sampling, data collection, data entry, validation.

We are continuously developing our research techniques by close working relations with many research departments of universities, institutes and organizations worldwide.



Social Entrepreneurship strategy planning research
We have completed a multiple case study, which aimed to contribute to the development of Social Entrepreneurship across the EU by transfer of innovative products and processes and exchange of good practices. Research study aimed obtaining a clear picture of the state of art of social enterprises in Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Portugal and of the conditions on EU level affecting their development, and providing the assessment of training needs.

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